Binge-worthy: The Fall

Picture 3

Inspired by Dorothy Snarker’s list of  best shows of 2013 and by a deep, passionate love for Gillian Anderson, I added this British series to my Netflix instant queue earlier this week.  The Fall seemed like a natural fit to my tastes, as I love a good murder investigation and accents… and did I mention Gillian Anderson?

I devoured The Fall in one evening– a work night no less!  You could too, though; it’s only 5 episodes!  I’ve had this problem (problem for me, because I’m a serious binger but solution for people without a lot of free time!) with many British shows; their seasons– or series, as they say– are on average much shorter than ours.  The format works well for this series (series in the American sense), though.  It’s more of a mini-series, because this plot really can’t be sustained forever.  The serial killer is known to the audience and we see his creepy everyday life as a family man.  Our hero, Stella Gibson (Anderson) is sent to Belfast, Ireland to figure out who he is.  I can’t remember the last time I saw something like this, where we know who the killer is… I mean, besides Dexter, but that’s entirely different.

Watch The Fall is you like crime dramas, or if you just like Irish accents.

Binge Length: 5 hours

Source: Netflix

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