Day: January 10, 2014


SVU is back! After a long December, I missed my favorite detective. While I was very much looking forward to having my weekly SVU fix back, this episode, “Psycho Therapist,” was not one I was excited to see.

All season we’ve seen Benson struggle to recover from her time held captive by Lewis. Let’s be real, I did not want to see him again. To see our strong leading lady so vulnerable is hard. The season opened, “Surrender Benson,” paired with the hashtag #SaveBenson and the cliffhanger from the previous season was enticing. After the holiday hiatus, this episode paired with #BelieveBenson, tried to recapture the magic. I love a good hashtag, but I wasn’t buying in. Do we really have to go through more with him? Not 10 minutes into the episode though, as Barba goes over Olivia’s testimony with her, it was clear, that we did need this episode. There were loose ends. Remember Benson, finally free (ish) beating the shit out of this guy? I remember watching this and hoping that she didn’t kill him. Did he deserve it? Yes. But Liv’s a cop. And Liv’s our hero. And Liv knows actions have consequences. Too bad Lewis doesn’t seem to buy into that.

As a character, Lewis continues to enrage and infuriate us. The supporting cast does a nice job staying cool. This is a super painful episode for those of us who love Liv– and don’t we all? For some final kicks in the gut, the jury expresses that they have concerns about Benson’s conduct. The sly smile that Lewis shows in the flash forward makes me think that this is not the last we’ve seen of him. I don’t know how much more I can take– let alone our girl Liv!

I’m glad Lewis is out of our lives for now, and I’m so glad SVU is back. I’m hoping for some Rollins-centered episodes soon. It looks like next week’s spotlight will be on Amaro. I’m looking forward to seeing less of Lewis and more of the detectives.

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